Sunday, 18 December 2016

Eclectrix at Brighton

On Sunday, 11th of December Tom, Rosemary and Mike from the Eclectrix band played and led popular songs and carols at a pub in Brighton.

We were invited by Sean and Fay Older and were joined by other partners in the Carols from three different local Church groups. We played two hours of music, with 15 minutes of lovely carol singing from a group of young ladies from  a local Catholic Community and a local Catholic Church.

We were also given ‘pigs in blankets’, biscuits and mince pies made in the pub's Community kitchen by a local lady, called Carly. The Curate from the nearby C of E Church was making Christmas tree decorations with children.

The evening developed bridges of friendship alongside local residents, pub staff and church communities culminating in us all singing and dancing together. It even turned into break-dancing and a sing-off at the end!

We hope and pray that these friendships deepen as people come to know Jesus more. Rosemary Batts

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